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6-day Dubai Travel Guide

A 6-day Dubai Travel Guide- What No One Tells You?

When we think of Dubai, most people picture fancy skyscrapers and luxury shopping, but there’s so much more to this exciting city. I know you’re bombarded with info online, and sometimes it feels like everyone’s showing off the same stuff. But what if I told you there’s a whole other side to Dubai? A side with hidden alleyways, secret beaches, dhow locations, dinner cruises and desert adventures like dune bashing, dune buggy ride you won’t find in any ordinary guidebook.

That’s exactly what we’re gonna explore together in this 6-day itinerary. We’ll not talk about the usual tourist traps and discover the Dubai most visitors never see. Whether you’re on a tight budget or just looking for something unique, this guide is for you. 

Must Have Pre-Planning Essentials

Before we start our awesome 6-Day journey, let’s get prepared for our Dubai adventure. 

  • Visas are a must, and there might be some fees you wouldn’t expect. Don’t worry, we’ll break it all down so there are no surprises. 
  • Dubai can get super hot, so picking the perfect time to go is key. We don’t want you sightseeing in a puddle of sweat.
  • We’ll also show you the coolest ways to get around Dubai, like a local pro. 
  • You should know secret transport tricks, sneaky ways to save some cash, and even must-have apps for your phone.

Day 1

Ok, so day one is all about forgetting the tall buildings and going on a secret history mission. We’re talking hidden alleyways and awesome markets, the kind you won’t find in any boring tourist guide. You’ll explore hidden treasures in neighborhoods like Deira or Bur Dubai like a real explorer.

  • Al Fahidi/Dubai Museum: Instead of big museums, we’ll check out cool historical spots that most people miss, like the Al Fahidi neighborhood or the Dubai Museum. 
  • Dubai Creek: We’ll also hop on a traditional boat called an Abra and cruise across Dubai Creek, getting a real taste of the city.
  • Emirati Food: To finish off this awesome day, we’ll find a hidden restaurant where you can try some yummy Emirati food, the kind Dubai locals love to eat. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on fancy buffets, this is about real Dubai flavors that you’ll love the most. 

Day 2

Now, it’s day 2. And, it’s all about going off the beaten path, because who wants to see the same stuff everyone else does? Forget the Burj Khalifa for a sec (we’ll get there!), but not right now.

  • Art Galleries: You’ll begin by exploring secret art galleries, museums with unique collections, or maybe even cultural centers showcasing Dubai’s cool side. 
  • Dhows: We might even visit a working dock where traditional boats called dhows are built, or dive into the maze-like spice souks for an explosion of colors and smells.
  • Jumeirah/Satwa: We can also explore a lesser-known neighborhood like Satwa or Jumeirah, where the streets come alive with local life. 
  • Skydiving: And if you want a real adrenaline rush, you can skydive over the desert (don’t worry, there are instructors!), or maybe try sandboarding down giant dunes – and we’ll guarantee you it would be an epic place for your next Instagram posts.

Day 3

When it comes to desert adventures, this will leave you starry-eyed (literally!). For now, skip those loud jeep tours and be prepared for a special eco-friendly safari, exploring the desert and learning how to protect its magic. Or, maybe you’d love to learn about the traditions of the Bedouin people, the desert’s original adventurers.

  • Activities: A typical desert safari trip will include city pickups, then you’ll travel by 4×4 into the dunes, doing some dune bashing along the way before an offering of sand sports – pick from quad bikes, fat bikes, sandboarding, dune buggy rides, camel rides, henna painting, shisha then join a BBQ dinner.
  • Bedouin Camp: We might spend the night under a sky bursting with a million stars, in a cozy Bedouin camp that feels like stepping back in time. 
  • Memorable Experience: By the end of day three, you won’t just have seen the desert, you’ll feel a connection to it. You’ll have a whole new appreciation for its beauty and culture, with memories that will sparkle brighter than any souvenir.

Day 4

You don’t need to overspend on crowded beaches everyone flocks to. 

  • Umm Suqeim Beach: We’re finding Dubai’s hidden gems where you can soak up the sun, turquoise waters, and some serious relaxation vibes. Imagine yourself chilling on pristine sands at Sunset Beach, Umm Suqeim Beach, or La Mer – picture-perfect spots most tourists miss.
  • Palm Trees: We might explore hidden lagoons or secret beach parks, perfect for a picnic under the palm trees. 
  • Kite Surfing: If you want to get active, try some kayaking, paddleboarding, or maybe even kite surfing for a splash of adrenaline. When you visit these beaches, you’ll return with a healthy dose of vitamin sea and a relaxed soul, feeling like you discovered Dubai’s secret beach havens.

Day 5

So, if you’re a foodie person, then day five is for you. We’ll not take you to the fancy restaurants with giant buffets – today we’re on a mission to find Dubai’s hidden food gems. 

  • Emirati Food: You might be searching for secret restaurants that cook up delicious local dishes, and your search ends here. We’re talking about Emirati food so good, that you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t talking about it.
  • Burj Khalifa: And, we can’t do Dubai without seeing some famous sights, so we’re heading to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world. But don’t worry about waiting in long lines – we’ll be smart travelers and pick the perfect time to go up, so you get the best view of the whole city from way up high. 
  • Fresh Food: To finish off this awesome day, we might even join a food tour to try all sorts of cool dishes from different parts of the world, or visit a traditional market where people sell fresh ingredients. And this would be your best experience so far.

Day 6.

Who doesn’t love shopping? Of course, none of you. Therefore, on day six, we’ll explore amazing local markets beyond the famous souks. 

  • Gold Souk: The places like Dragon Mart, a giant market with everything you can imagine, or maybe even the hidden extension of the Gold Souk, where you can find the best deals on sparkly treasures.
  • Bargaining Tips: We’ll teach you some bargaining tips to score the best prices and avoid tourist traps. 
  • Unique Paintings: Plus, we’ll show you some awesome alternatives to malls, like hidden art galleries with beautiful paintings or cool antique shops overflowing with beautiful & unique things.


So there you have it, your 6-day guide to visit the real Dubai! We swapped tourist traps for secret spots and skipped boring buffets for delicious local eats. This trip isn’t just about checking things off a list; it’s about feeling the sand under your feet, exploring hidden gems, and making memories that will last a lifetime. Dubai is more than just fancy buildings, it’s a city waiting to be discovered. 

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