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Who Owns Princess Yachts

Who Owns Princess Yachts

Who Owns Princess Yachts?

Princess Yachts, renowned for their luxurious and impeccable craftsmanship, have captured the hearts of yacht enthusiasts worldwide. However, delving into the intriguing question of “Who owns Princess Yachts?” reveals a captivating narrative of entrepreneurship, innovation, and luxury. In this article, we’ll uncover the ownership structure, key players, and the journey behind these iconic vessels.

A Brief Overview

The Beginnings

Princess Yachts traces its origins to the South West of England in 1965. Founded by David King, the company started as a humble shipyard in Plymouth. Initially, they produced small wooden motorboats.

Acquired by LVMH Group

In 2008, Princess Yachts was acquired by the prestigious LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) Group. This acquisition marked a significant turning point in the brand’s history, propelling them into a new era of luxury and global recognition.

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The Current Leadership

As of our last update in September 2021, Princess Yachts is led by Antony Sheriff as their Executive Chairman. Sheriff brought extensive experience from his previous roles in luxury automotive brands.

The LVMH Group Influence

A Commitment to Excellence

Under the ownership of LVMH Group, Princess Yachts has witnessed a substantial investment in research and development, resulting in cutting-edge innovations and impeccable design.

Who Owns Princess Yachts

Global Expansion

LVMH’s global presence has further propelled Princess Yachts onto the international stage. These luxury vessels can now be found in marinas and waters across the globe, captivating discerning yacht owners and enthusiasts.

The Craftsmanship

Handcrafted Elegance

Princess Yachts are renowned for their attention to detail and handcrafted excellence. Each vessel embodies the essence of luxury, offering owners a unique and personalized experience on the seas.


One of the hallmarks of Princess Yachts is their commitment to customization. Owners can work closely with the shipyard to create a yacht that suits their individual tastes and preferences.

The Future of Princess Yachts

Sustainable Initiatives

In recent years, Princess Yachts has embraced sustainability, focusing on eco-friendly technologies and materials to reduce their environmental footprint. This commitment reflects a broader industry shift towards greener yachting.

Innovation and Design

The brand continues to push the boundaries of yacht design and innovation. Their commitment to staying at the forefront of luxury yachting ensures that Princess Yachts will remain a symbol of opulence for years to come.

In the world of luxury yachts, Princess Yachts stands as a testament to British craftsmanship, global excellence, and a commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences on the open seas. While their ownership may have changed over the years, their dedication to luxury and innovation remains unwavering.

Discover the allure of Princess Yachts and their remarkable journey through the seas of luxury.

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