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Home Backup Systems

IEETek: Redefining Home Backup Systems with the Best Portable Power Station

IEETek has revolutionized the concept of home backup systems with their exceptional portable power stations. Renowned for their commitment to innovation and quality, IEETek offers homeowners the best-in-class solution for uninterrupted power supply during emergencies and blackouts.

Efficient Charging for Instant Power

IEETek’s home backup system is designed for efficiency and speed. With their Maxi-Charge Technology and built-in bi-directional inverter, these power stations can be charged at an incredible 1500W speed directly from an AC wall outlet. In less than an hour, the power station reaches 80% capacity, and within 1.5 hours, it reaches full capacity, ensuring instant power when you need it the most.

Uninterrupted Power Supply for Critical Devices

IEETek’s portable power stations provide homeowners with a reliable and uninterrupted power supply for their critical devices. By connecting appliances to the Singo Portable Power Station, you can rest assured that essential devices like refrigerators and desktop computers will continue to operate seamlessly during blackouts. The swift switchover from grid to battery power ensures a seamless transition, protecting your devices from power interruptions.

Advanced Technology for Enhanced Performance

IEETek’s commitment to excellence is reflected in their use of advanced technology. With a THD rate of less than 1.5%, their portable power stations provide a clean and stable sine wave AC output, minimizing any potential disruptions to electrical devices. Furthermore, the stations offer 13 output ports in various types, including wireless charging, providing versatility and convenience for powering multiple devices simultaneously.


In conclusion, IEETek’s portable power stations redefine the concept of home backup systems. With their efficient charging, uninterrupted power supply, and advanced technology, IEETek empowers homeowners with the best portable power station on the market. Trust in IEETek to provide you with the peace of mind and reliability you need during power outages and emergencies.

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