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Advancing Precision in Electrophysiology: APT Medical Unveils the Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter

APT Medical introduces the Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter in electrophysiology, a amedical devices designed to enhance mapping efficiency. With its superior design features, including a smooth electrode-shaft transition, braided shaft, platinum-iridium electrodes, and various available curves, this mapping catheter provides medical professionals with a reliable and efficient solution for precise signal acquisition during cardiac mapping procedures. Let’s explore the remarkable features and benefits of the Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter.

Smooth Electrode-Shaft Transition for Enhanced Signal Acquisition

The Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter is designed with a smooth electrode-shaft transition, ensuring tight and stable contact with the myocardial wall. This feature allows for reliable signal acquisition, improving the accuracy and quality of mapping data. With enhanced signal acquisition, medical professionals can make more informed decisions during electrophysiology procedures, improving patient outcomes.

Braided Shaft for Superior Pushability and Torqueability

The APT Medical diagnostic catheters with braided shafts provide excellent pushability and torqueability. This design feature enables medical professionals to navigate complex cardiac structures easily, ensuring precise catheter placement during mapping procedures.

Safety Wire for Enhanced Tip Electrode Protection

The Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter includes a safety wire that provides additional protection for the tip electrode. This feature ensures the safety and durability of the catheter during procedures. With enhanced tip electrode protection, medical professionals can confidently perform mapping procedure.

Various Curves for Versatile Mapping Capabilities

The catheter offers various curves suitable for high-right atrium (HRA), coronary sinus (CS), His bundle, and right ventricle (RV) mapping, allowing medical professionals to choose freely based on specific needs. By providing diverse curve options, APT Medical ensures that the Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter accommodates a wide range of anatomical variations, enhancing the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the mapping process.


APT Medical’s Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter features smooth electrode-shaft transition, braided shaft, safety wire, and various available curves, empowering medical professionals to achieve precise and reliable signal acquisition during cardiac mapping. APT Medical’s commitment to innovation and developing high-quality medical devices is evident in the Triguy™ Fixed Curve Mapping Catheter, elevating electrophysiology and improving patient treatment.

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