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Elevating Polymer Performance with Shine Polymer’s Cutting-Edge Additives

As a premier polymer additives manufacturer, Shine Polymer is committed to advancing the capabilities of plastics through innovative solutions. Let’s delve into two of Shine Polymer’s flagship products.

Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent

Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent stands as a testament to excellence in flame retardancy. Crafted by Shine Polymer using encapsulated PTFE polymer additive and optimized fluoropolymer resin through patented in situ polymerization, this additive offers unparalleled dispersion in various thermoplastics. From PC to PP and alloys, Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent ensures the production of high-quality molded parts with minimized dripping, enhancing safety and performance across applications. Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent guarantees the manufacturing of high-quality molded components with less dripping, improving safety and performance across applications for PC, PP, and metals.

Rheopoly® Polymer Processing Aid

Rheopoly® Polymer Processing Aid, including the groundbreaking Rheopoly® PPA, redefines extrusion efficiency. Formulated by Shine Polymer with fluoropolymer-based technology, Rheopoly® PPA optimizes the thermoplastic extrusion process, especially for low melt index linear polyolefins like LLDPE, HDPE, and m-PE. By facilitating smoother and faster extrusion, Rheopoly® PPA maximizes productivity and minimizes waste, unlocking the full potential of low MI materials.


In conclusion, Shine Polymer’s pioneering additives, such as Shinepoly® Anti-Dripping Agent and Rheopoly® Polymer Processing Aid, exemplify the company’s dedication to driving innovation in polymer enhancement. With their advanced formulations and superior performance, these additives empower manufacturers to achieve exceptional results, reinforcing Shine Polymer’s position as a leader in the polymer additives manufacturer. These additives strengthen Shine Polymer’s position as a leader in the polymer additives manufacturing sector by enabling manufacturers to achieve remarkable results through their sophisticated formulations and great performance.

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