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Enhance Panel Clamping and Cutting Efficiency with Huahua’s Pneumatic Clamping System

HUAHUA, a trusted name in CNC panel saw machines, offers a cutting-edge pneumatic clamping system designed to improve panel clamping and cutting efficiency in CNC machining factories. Powered by air cylinder, this industry-leading two-finger clamping structure ensures stable and firm clamping without damaging the panel surface. With high-performance motors and smooth roller conveyors, Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines provide precise and efficient cutting solutions, reducing manual work and increasing productivity.

Stable and Firm Panel Clamping

Huahua’s pneumatic clamping system features a two-finger clamping structure that utilizes air cylinders. This innovative design allows for stable and firm clamping of panels, ensuring precise cutting without any damage to the panel surface. The pneumatic clamping system provides a reliable solution for CNC machining factories, enhancing the overall panel clamping efficiency and reducing the risk of errors during the cutting process.

 High-Performance Motors for Speed and Accuracy

Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines are equipped with high-performance motors to achieve exceptional cutting performance. The INVT 2kw servo motor configured in the saw carriage enables high-speed movement, optimizing cutting efficiency. Additionally, the main saw is powered by an 18.5kw Taiwan Sanye motor, delivering the power required for precise and efficient cutting operations. With these motors, Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines provide the speed and accuracy needed for demanding cutting tasks in CNC machining factory.

Smooth Roller Conveyor for Effortless Panel Transportation

Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines feature a smooth roller conveyor system that significantly reduces manual work and enhances panel transportation efficiency. These small but durable rollers ensure the smooth and effortless movement of heavy panels to each processing worktable. Moreover, the smooth roller conveyor system protects the panel surface from scratching, ensuring the integrity and quality of the panels throughout the cutting process. By incorporating this conveyor system, Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines streamline panel transportation, saving time and effort in CNC machining factories.


Huahua’s pneumatic clamping system, high-performance motors, and smooth roller conveyor system offer an efficient and reliable solution for panel clamping and cutting in CNC machining factories. With stable and firm clamping, high-speed cutting capabilities, and effortless panel transportation, Huahua’s CNC panel saw machines enhance the efficiency and productivity of CNC machining factories. Choose Huahua as your partner in panel processing and experience the benefits of advanced technology and precision engineering. Trust Huahua to provide the pneumatic clamping solution your CNC machining factory needs to excel.

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