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What Yasmina can do: skills for every situation.

Yasmina is the smart assistant in the Yango app. It uses Natural-Language Understanding technology to recognize speech patterns and intonations, and to understand scenarios requested by users. Yasmina can manage a smart home and help with everyday tasks, such as adjusting the temperature in a room or turning on the vacuum cleaner. Let’s take a closer look at her functions. 

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Music skills

The voice assistant will come in handy in forming personal music preferences. While listening to music you can say: “Yasmina, like” and the song will be added to the list of favorite tracks. This way the assistant will determine your musical taste and will suggest similar music. With Yasmina, it’s easy to make your own playlist by telling her which song you like. 

Searching the Internet

If you frequently order food delivery or like online shopping, you can check current status, for example: “Yasmina, when my order will arrive?”. 

Yasmina can order a taxi following just your voice requests, tell you distance to your destination, or price for the trip and whether there is traffic jams in the area.

Alarm clock and timer 

Use your voice to tell Yasmina to set an alarm with your favorite song for the morning. You can choose any track, and if the alarm goes off but you want to lie in bed, ask Yasmina to postpone it for 15 minutes. To stop the alarm, simply say “Stop”. 

Yasmina has several types of timer. There is a regular timer, which is useful  when you need to set it for a specific time, for example, while cooking a meal. And there is a special sleep timer, which comes in handy if you listen to music or a podcast before bedtime and ask Yasmina to turn it off after 30 minutes so it doesn’t play all night. 


The simplest household tasks can be safely entrusted to assistant Yasmina. You can simply say: “Yasmina, remind me to make doctor’s appointment tomorrow at 8:00” and at the appointed time she will remind you of your plans. There can be several reminders, you can check them or delete them all at once. 

Smart home management

Yasmina can help you with management of your smart devices. All you need to do is give voice commands. For example, you can use your voice to turn on a robot vacuum or a kettle, check ZigBee sensors or the status of sockets. 

Shopping list 

This skill of Yasmina allows you to create a shopping list for a trip to the store. For example, if you find that you have run out of laundry gel or groceries, you can immediately tell her about it, she will “send” it to the virtual list, which can also be edited by voice. 

In addition to household skills, Yasmina can inform users about prayer times or play Adhan.

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